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with The Muffin Men









2015 is the year Silke went first time with the band from Liverpool The Muffin Men on tour.
The Muffin Men are playing music of Frank Zappa since 1990.
Thank you Ulli for organising this tour with much love! We had a short but great time together - thank you Muffin Men that you to took the Muffin Girl with you!
As a kid my big brother invited me to the great mystery of Frank Zappa's Universe!!! That's why I wrote my Master of Arts work in musicology about Frank Zappa's film "200 Motels".
The contact to the Muffin Men came over a great project with the Ensemble Creativ in 2004 who performed a "Frank Zappa memorial barbecue".

Silke Gonska with The Muffin Men, Leipzig, 2015


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Bauhausperformance - Schlußlied (nach einem Gedicht von Hugo Ball)

Sonntag, 28.04.2019, zwischen 11-15 Uhr
Weimar, Evangelische Kirche Mellingen
100 jahre bauhaus marathon (
Die Bauhaus-REVUE
F. W. Bergner & Silke Gonska

  Hörbuch-Releaseparty bei Radio Lotte NACHÖREN

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